Common Types Of Personal injury Claims

Common Types Of Personal injury Claims

Personal injury law suits are part of the fabric of everyday life in the United States. These suits are unavoidable because accidents and injuries of all types occur due to the nature of human beings and their imperfections. The main causes of personal injuries are:

  • negligence of another party
  • equipment that is faulty
  • unforeseen happenings, circumstances, or occurrences

What Is The First Thing An Injured Person Should Do

If you have been injured because of the negligence of another, faulty equipment, or unforeseen happenings, it is prudent to seek medical attention without delay. Often, the more prompt the medical attention, the better the outcome for the patient, the faster the recovery, and the better options for full healing and recovery. Once medical attention has been secured and treatment is completed, then an injured party should promptly address legal rights. It is important to become educated as to those rights through research or consultation and to meet with one or more personal injury attorneys to discuss potential options for recovery to make the most well-informed, holistic decisions possible.

While no two personal injury claims are the same, there are some common types that frequently appear on court dockets.

Highway Or Road Traffic Injury Cases

The most common form of personal injury claim is, without question, the highway or road traffic case. The increasing crowds on the nation's highways are one of the main causes for the higher probability of auto accidents and driving-related injuries. The faster technology in our automobiles and distractions of cell phones and other electronic devices also contribute to the increase in these claims.

Work-Related Injury Cases

Workplace injuries and workers' compensation cases are fairly common in the United States, as well. These types of cases are generally caused by the negligence of another. That party can be a co-worker, supervisor, employee, other party in the workplace, or even the injured plaintiff herself. Many assume that the party causing the injury is part of the employer company rather than the injured employee. However, that is not necessarily the case.

Industrial Disease Injury Cases

This type of case is rarer than road traffic or work-related injury cases. Yet, industrial disease cases are not unheard of in today's environment. This type of case occurs when a party has worked in a particular area and through that work, has been exposed to a substance or chemical that is now adversely affecting their health. An example of this type of case is a railroad, shipyard, or construction worker with asbestos exposure.

Slip-And-Fall Injury Cases

These cases can occur virtually in any place. They typically happen in stores, malls, and retail centers. These cases can have complicated and tricky aspects and are not as routine as many may assume. It is crucial to obtain an incident report before the injured party leaves the scene to best position a plaintiff in bringing this type of injury claim.

Fatal Accident Injury Cases

These cases are unfortunately more prevalent than one would assume. They are tragic and one case is too many. An example might be an automobile or boating accident, collapse of a facility like a stadium or stage in a recreational venue, or an injury related to a sporting or recreational event like bungee jumping, skydiving, or hang-gliding.

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