How To Prepare To Meet A Child Custody Attorney

How To Prepare To Meet A Child Custody Attorney

To find the right child custody attorney for you, you will want to interview one or more before making a hiring decision. We can help you make the most of that first meeting.

Many child custody lawyers are willing to chat with you. This initial consultation is a chance for the lawyers to introduce themselves to you as well as give you input about the road ahead.

Sometimes, there may be a charge for this meeting. So ask about that when you call to book the appointment. But you should not let a fee stop you from interviewing child custody attorneys. There's nothing more precious to you than your children. You need a child custody lawyer helping you.

Your time at an initial consultation will be limited. Use your time wisely by arriving prepared. We can show you how.

Gathering Documents to Show to a Child Custody Attorney

The child custody attorneys will find it helpful if you bring several documents with you, such as:

  • If your spouse or children's other parent has been violent with you or the children, any documentation that supports those claims, such as police or medical reports
  • A prenuptial agreement if you have one
  • Any proof your spouse or children's other parent may have an alcohol or drug problem
  • If your spouse or children's other parent is suggesting the children move schools, report cards and/or notes from the children's teachers about the need for stability
  • Information about the education and work history of both you and the other parent
  • A copy of your household budget, including a detailed breakdown of child-related expenses

Questions to Ask

It's helpful to collect your thoughts before you head out to your first initial consultation with a child custody attorney. Write them down on paper and bring them with you. You don't want to forget to ask something. Also bring some writing material so that you can jot down the answers.

Here are some good topics to focus your discussion:

  • The attorney's background and experience
  • How child custody and visitation laws work in your state
  • Advice about the road ahead and possible strategies
  • Nuts and bolts on how your case will be handled by the attorney and firm
  • The attorney's legal fees suggests a number of questions you could ask a child custody lawyer>.

Your Ideal Child Custody Lawyer

It is a worthwhile practice to consider what qualities your ideal child custody lawyer would have. That way, you'll recognize the right one when you meet. Here are some qualities to consider:

  • Experience helping many other clients gain custody of their children
  • Insightful advice and a strategy you think will work
  • Patience with your questions
  • Reasonable legal fees

In addition, there are many other qualities that are best described as feelings. You want a lawyer you can trust and one who builds your confidence. You may want one with a personality compatible with your own. Most of all, you should choose the attorney with whom you are most comfortable.

Now that you know what to bring, what to ask and what to look for, you are well equipped to meet child custody lawyers in search for the best one for you.

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