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Workers' Compensation - Attorney Fees Breakdown

Workers' Compensation - Attorney Fees Breakdown

When a workers' compensation insurer disputes a claim, an attorney will help you get the money you need to pay medical bills and support your family. However, some people are concerned that the cost of a workers' compensation attorney will be prohibitive, and they may simply accept an insurer's denial of a workers' compensation claim.

Contingent Fees: Attorneys Only Get Paid If You Win

Workers' compensation attorneys have a contingent fee policy, meaning that they will receive a certain percentage of your compensation settlement. Each state's statute dictates how much a lawyer may collect from a workers' compensation settlement. Fees generally range from 9% to 25% of a winning settlement. If a settlement is not won, you will not have to pay your lawyer.

There are no federal laws regarding workers' compensation for private or state workers. As a result, every state's maximum workers' compensation fees differ. Contact your state's workers' compensation office today to find more information. Contact information can be found at the U.S. Division of Labor.

Securing Your Money: How Legal Fees are Paid

The point of workers' compensation is that you will be compensated for all costs pertaining to your injury, including medical bills, legal fees and lost wages. State statutes are written with this concept in mind. The process of receiving money and paying your attorney is as follows:

  • The workers' compensation insurance company includes the lawyer's fee in its settlement offer.
  • The judge approves the workers' compensation lawyer's fees and costs claimed.
  • The insurer may pay the lawyer's fees and costs directly from the settlement, or it may give you the lump sum, out of which you will pay the lawyer directly.

As you can see, the workers' compensation attorney's fees should not concern an injured worker. If you are entitled to workers' compensation, the legal system provides for any associated legal fees to be paid. You just need to file the lawsuit to begin the process of finding legal representation to acquire workers' compensation.