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Will A Workers Compensation Case Affect My Future Employment

Will A Workers Compensation Case Affect My Future Employment

Some workers worry about filing workers' compensation because they are concerned that future employers will look at it and think that you are a liability, a troublemaker or otherwise undesirable in the hiring process. In this economy, with nearly 10 percent unemployment and even more underemployment, every single job opening sees dozens if not hundreds of applications, and you want to make sure that nothing prevents you from getting that job.

The unfortunate news is that some, but not all, employers do background checks that reveal prior litigation that you've filed, which may include workers' compensation. This means that if your employer's insurance provider denies your initial claim, there is no way to hide any legal action you might take.

You can take certain precautions to prevent your workers' compensation case from affecting your future employment opportunities. This often involves consulting with a workers' compensation lawyer on how to conduct yourself during your case.

Why Your Employer Shouldn't Care

Keep in mind, your employer expects to receive workers' compensation claims. All scrupulous employers do. This is why workers' compensation insurance is a standard business expense. When you make a workers' compensation claim, you are taking money from your employer's insurer, not your employer. Unless you have a string of workers' compensation claims that you've fought for and won, which might indicate preternatural clumsiness on your part, this shouldn't be an issue. Most employers know that accidents happen and will not hold it against you.

Why There Might Be Problems

If, in your statement, you cast personal aspersions on your employer for any perceived negligence that led to your injury, you might be seen as a troublemaker. Any future employers may judge you accordingly. Remember that all statements that you make with regard to your workers' compensation case are in the public record. Any official statements you make should be "strictly the facts" and should not be overly emotional or negative about your injury. A lawyer can advise you on how to conduct yourself in your workers' compensation case.

Consult With a Workers' Compensation Lawyer Today

To keep these problems from affecting your future employment, you should try to do everything correctly. Don't delay filing a case if the workers' compensation insurer denies your claim just because you worry about being viewed negatively by future employers. Contact a workers' compensation lawyer, do everything by the book, and everything will be okay!