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When Should I Hire A Workers Comp Attorney

When Should I Hire A Workers Comp Attorney

An injured worker may wonder if he should hire a workers' compensation attorney if the system allows him to collect lost wages, have medical bills paid and get retrained if applicable.

While the system seems simple, in practice it is often an adversarial process that requires a workers' compensation attorney to ensure that your injury is accepted, adequate medical treatment is rendered and you receive all your benefits.

Here are some common pitfalls an injured worker faces that a workers' compensation attorney can handle for you.

Denial of claim

An employer may contend you were either not injured or were not injured on the job. Also, many workers, fearing loss of their job, do not report an injury until days or weeks later. Many states do allow you to report the injury within a certain time, and an attorney can investigate the accident or injury and link it to your work.

Problem with treating physician

Many states only allow you to be treated by an employer-approved physician who may want to return you to work before your injury is fully healed. An attorney can help you find an alternative health provider who has your best interests in mind.

Delay or denial of certain benefits

If your benefits are unduly delayed, an attorney can find out the reason and accelerate the process. Also, do not accept your denial of certain benefits without consulting an attorney who may find that the denial was unjustified.


It is against the law to fire or punish an employee for filing a workers' compensation claim. Your attorney can uncover the real reasons for your dismissal or demotion and bring a lawsuit against your employer, if necessary.

Third-party claim

If you were injured by the negligence of someone outside your employer or by a defective product, a workers' compensation attorney can bring a claim against them and recover additional compensation for you.

Hiring a workers' compensation attorney will assure you that your claim is accepted and all the benefits you are entitled to are paid on time.