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What Financial Outcomes to Expect From My Workers Comp Case

What Financial Outcomes to Expect From My Workers Comp Case

If you are injured on the job and your claim for benefits is accepted by your employer, there are certain financial outcomes you can expect from your workers' compensation case.

The benefits you will receive largely depend upon the type and extent of the injury you sustained, your wages, the time you miss from work, medical costs, ability to return to work at your usual occupation or if you sustain a permanent injury. The following is a list of common workers' compensation benefits.


  • TPD - These are temporary partial disability benefits awarded if you have a temporary injury that does not prevent you from engaging in some other work at a lower wage. TPD will make up a certain percentage of the wages lost.
  • TTD - Temporary total benefits are awarded if you are disabled from working at all for a certain time, but are limited to a maximum number of weeks.
  • PPD - You are eligible for permanent partial disability benefits if you have a permanent injury that does allow you to return to work somewhere. Your benefits are based upon the duration of the permanent condition, or up to a maximum number of weeks.
  • PTD - You can collect permanent total disability benefits if you are completely disabled from returning to work. Your medical payments could last for your lifetime or to a certain age. Usually, the amount you can collect for PTD is determined by statutory guidelines.
  • Possible retraining benefits if you cannot return to your job.
  • You can also collect a lump sum settlement in place of your weekly compensation checks and other benefits, although you can continue to have your medical costs paid so long as they are reasonably related to treatment of your injury.
  • Other financial outcomes

    • Third-party claim - You could bring a third-party action if you were injured by a defective product or by someone's negligence other than your employer.
    • Social Security disability - If you are totally disabled, you can apply for SSD benefits, although the requirements are much stricter.

    Consult with a knowledgeable workers' compensation attorney who can explain these possible additional financial outcomes for you.