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Five Things To Consider When Hiring A Workers Comp Attorney

Five Things To Consider When Hiring A Workers Comp Attorney

Hiring the right attorney is as important as employing any other professional to take care of essential matters in your life. Be prepared before hiring an attorney by doing some research.

Here are the top five things to consider when hiring a workers compensation attorney:

1. Is the attorney's practice primarily focused on job-related injuries?

Many attorneys practice in a variety of legal fields. Retaining an attorney from a reputable firm who has years of practicing exclusively in workers compensation and work-related injuries means that he or she is devoted to this area of law entirely and likely knows what works best for your particular case.

2. Does the attorney represent only injured workers?

Some attorneys cross the lines and represent insurers and employers, as well as injured workers. In these circumstances, you may not be entirely convinced that the attorney has your best interests in mind.

3. Does your type of injury require an attorney?

Workers compensation laws can be confusing. Also, your employer and the workers compensation insurer are primarily concerned with saving costs by minimizing your benefits or by delaying payments. A lawyer can ensure that all laws and procedures are followed, that you are receiving the best medical care and advice, and that all your benefits are being paid timely and completely.

4. What if your injury is permanent?

A permanent injury may result in your being unable to perform your present job or being unable to perform any type of work. A workers compensation attorney can ensure that your permanent disability payments are being made in the correct amounts, as well as advise you about your job status and about a possible lump sum settlement of your case. Also, he or she can advise you whether you can qualify for additional Social Security disability benefits.

5. Can the attorney represent you in other work-related issues?

You may be getting harassed by your employer for having filed a claim. It is possible you were injured by a defective product or piece of equipment. An experienced workers compensation attorney can advise you of other possible legal actions that can result in additional compensation to you.