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Should I Hire A Lawyer if My Employer Unfairly Accuses Me of Workers Compensation Fraud

Should I Hire A Lawyer if My Employer Unfairly Accuses Me of Workers Compensation Fraud

Workers' compensation fraud is a relatively minor problem in the United States. People occasionally take workers' compensation to try to capture two separate paychecks at once. Some are guilty of malingering to try to get more compensation than they need or claiming injuries they didn't receive on the job.

That being said, only about 2% of workers' compensation claims are faulty. Most workers' compensation claims are completely legitimate. The point of workers' compensation is to protect employees because medical bills are expensive, and lost wages can lead to financial ruin. It is your legal right to be supported through your difficult time of convalescence and recovery.

If you believe that your employer has unfairly accused you of fraud, you should get a workers' compensation attorney as soon as possible. Do not say anything that might possibly incriminate you.

The Problem With Nonproductivity

When you are receiving workers' compensation, you are effectively an unproductive worker. Your company may look for ways to dismiss you, so it doesn't have to pay for your recovery.

To combat this, always behave according to the your state laws. Report your health issue to your employer, provide a doctor's note, and have your employer send the information to relevant state organizations. Be sure to take care of yourself and stay in regular contact with both your doctor and your employer to avoid any chances of being unfairly accused.

When you are sick, you will naturally make decisions to value your health and well-being over your job. These may include taking an extra day to get better even though you are 85% sure you're over your illness. However, some employers believe that such a decision is an example of fraud. A workers' compensation lawyer will help you state in a court of law that you are well within your rights to wait until you are 100% better before you go back to work.

On The Need For A Lawyer

Workers' compensation fraud is a serious charge, and it requires a lawyer to walk you through the implications, both good and bad, before you can make a decision. A lawyer is an absolute necessity if you are unfairly accused of insurance fraud. A strong statement made by a legal professional goes a long way toward convincing a jury.