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Can I Write A Will Without A Lawyer

Can I Write A Will Without A Lawyer

A will is one of the most important binding legal documents we can create for ourselves, our children, and our possessions. However, many people do not have a will because they believe they must hire a high-priced estate planning lawyer to draft a basic will for them. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth. It is safe and absolutely possible to make a basic will without a lawyer.

What is a Will?

A will is a document that states who you want as guardian for your minor children should they survive you after your death, and how you want your worldly possessions distributed upon your death. Making such a basic will very rarely requires complicated legal maneuvers, making it simple and safe to draft on your own. The most important aspect of a will is that once it is written, it is not complete until you sign it in the presence of a witness. The easiest way to do this is to take it to a bank that has a public notary. You will sign the document and any copies you want of it in their presence, and they will notarize the documents immediately. Sometimes, this service is free to customers of the bank.

How Do I Do It?

There are several ways to draft your simple will yourself. There are numerous services online that you can utilize, such as where a living will lawyer reviews your online legal document to make sure it is valid. There are also several computer programs you can buy, or you can simply write it out in pen on a piece of notebook paper. Once you are finished, make sure to sign it in front of a witness and get it notarized so there are no questions about its validity.

While there are some situations that do call for a lawyer to draft a will, the average person who needs a basic will concerning the disbursement of their personal possessions can safely do it themselves. You can use an online system, a purchased computer program, or a simple piece of paper. After the will is drafted, make sure to sign it in front of a witness, preferably a public notary.