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Can A Tax Lawyer Help Reduce The Amount Of Taxes I Owe

Can A Tax Lawyer Help Reduce The Amount Of Taxes I Owe

Choosing the right deductions for your tax case can make all the difference in the amount you owe to the IRS. You may be self-employed and able to claim thousands of dollars in business deductions. A tax lawyer will help you figure out the best deductions to claim as a self-employed person. If you have children and are below an average income level, then you may also be able to claim deductions that will give you some breathing room in filing your taxes. Learn more about the Standard Deduction and decide whether you are eligible to take the Standard Deduction. If you are married and filing an itemized deduction, then you will not be able to file for the Standard Deduction. Tax lawyers can help you decide whether you should take the Standard Deduction of file an itemized deduction.

Why Hire A Tax Lawyer

Hiring a tax lawyer for your case will provide you with peace of mind. Understanding all of the legalese that is included on tax forms can be burdensome for someone who has little experience in filing taxes. Filing the wrong forms with the IRS can result in an audit notice, and no one wants to have to deal with the IRS. You can protect yourself from having to deal with the IRS by hiring a tax lawyer for all of your tax needs. Listed below are the ways that a tax lawyer can benefit your tax case.

  • Explanation of how to file your taxes
  • Claiming all of the right deductions
  • Claiming any tax credits that you qualify for
  • Decreasing your tax burden for the year
  • Dealing with any notices from the IRS

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Call us at 1-888-490-2407 to get started in finding a tax lawyer for your case. A tax lawyer will help reduce the taxes that you owe by helping you claim all of the appropriate deductions and tax credits. Working with a tax lawyer can put you in a good position for the next tax year because you will be wiser about the income you claim for the year.