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Can I Work & Receive SSD Benefits?

Can I Work & Receive SSD Benefits?

The Social Security Administration encourages people receiving Social Security disability benefits to temporarily try to work while continuing to receive full benefits.

Trial Work Period

A trial work period allows someone receiving Social Security Disability to get a job in an effort to determine whether the individual is able to work. The worker will continue to receive full benefits until having worked nine months in a 60-month period. A worker is considered to have worked if he or she earns at least $750 over the course of a month.

After an individual has worked nine months, then for the next three years the worker is eligible for a safety net where he or she will receive SSD benefits in any month where earnings do not exceed $1,690 (for blind individuals) or $1,010 (for all others). (All dollar limits are as of 2013.)

A Social Security Disability lawyer can answer your questions about when you can work, how much you can earn and when a job will put your disability benefits in jeopardy.

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