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What Is the Ticket to Work Program?

What Is the Ticket to Work Program?

The Ticket to Work Program is a free, voluntary program for Social Security Disability beneficiaries who want to try to re-enter the workplace.

Ticket to Work Details

According to the U.S. Social Security Administration:

"The Ticket to Work Program provides most people receiving Social Security benefits more choices for receiving employment services. The Ticket to Work is a voluntary program from Social Security that: Increases beneficiary choice in obtaining rehabilitation and vocational services to help them go to work and attain their employment goals; [r]emoves barriers that require people with disabilities to choose between health care coverage and work; [and a]ssures that more Americans with disabilities have the opportunity to participate in the workforce and lessen their dependence on public benefits."

If you are 18 to 64 years old and receiving SSD benefits, then you are eligible to participate. To get started, you'd visit a participating employment network or state vocational rehabilitation agency in your area for free services such as job training, vocational rehabilitation, career counseling and job search assistance.

In exchange for the services you receive, the Ticket to Work Program asks you to work toward certain goals, such as getting the necessary training, obtaining a job and getting off of SSD benefits. As long as you are making progress toward those goals, then the Social Security Administration will not conduct a continuing disability review of your medical condition.

If you get a job through the Ticket to Work Program and your disability benefits stop, then you will still continue to receive Medicaid for an additional 4.5 years (for a total of 8.5 years after you return to work).

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