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How To Prepare For A Social Security Disability Hearing

How To Prepare For A Social Security Disability Hearing

The process of arranging for a Social Security Disability hearing is complex and can take a long time. An experienced disability rights attorney can help you gather your material and prepare a clearly convincing presentation before the Administrative Law Judge.

What Is A Disability Hearing

A disability hearing is the third step in your attempt to receive disability payments, once you have been turned down at your initial application and again at your appeal. It is a chance to state your case in detail before a judge. Ask family, friends and co-workers who have seen your difficulties to be your witnesses.

When you file your request for a hearing, you will also need to submit the following material to the hearing office:

  • The paperwork from your initial application and appeal
  • Copies of all medical records
  • Your Social Security earnings record
  • Copies of all correspondence to and from you regarding your disability application

The more complete these records are, the greater your chances of receiving approval. Your disability rights attorney will write a brief, which is a summary of your story.

What Will Happen At The Hearing What Is A Vocational Rights Expert

Your attorney will prepare you and your witnesses for the questions you are likely to be asked. Be prepared to talk truthfully about how your life has changed since you became disabled, how you can no longer work as you once did. The emotional impact on your life is as important as your physical limitations.

It is likely that there will be a vocational expert present. He will try to show that you could work if you wanted to. He'll speak about possible other jobs for you, given your present limitations. Your attorney will cross-examine the vocational expert and point out facts about your condition showing why it is impossible for you to work.

This is one of the main reasons that people who employ a disability rights attorney are much more likely to be approved for funds. Your attorney has familiarized himself with details of your case that the vocational expert is likely to have glossed over or missed. With your attorney's help, you will be able to win the hearing and be granted the funds you deserve.