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Can Social Security Disability Benefits Be Terminated

Can Social Security Disability Benefits Be Terminated

Your SSD, or social security disability benefits, is often conditional upon certain things. If these no longer apply, the Social Security Administration may decide to terminate your benefits. While termination is not a common occurrence, you should be prepared for the sorts of things that could cause you to lose your benefits.

Generally speaking, there are four ways to lose your SSD benefits:

  • The condition causing your disability gets better
  • You find a job or other stream of income that makes above a certain threshold of money. Spousal income, free benefits such as housing or free food may count as income for SSD purposes
  • You are convicted of a felony and/or incarcerated
  • Conditions behind your SSD application change, including reaching the age of majority, entering a nursing home or other care facility, or reaching the age of retirement

Loss Of SSD Due To Improved Condition

The Social Security Administration periodically reviews the cases of beneficiaries in three to seven year increments. These disability reviews are not generally that strict, but if doctors' reports indicate that the condition necessitating SSD has drastically improved, the SSA may decide to terminate benefits.

Loss Of SSD Due To Increased Income

If you get a job making over $1,010 per month, if your income increases due to alimony, pension or similar payments, if you receive free food or housing, or if your assets substantially improve, you may lose SSD. Visit the SSA website for information on countable income and assets.

Loss Of SSD Due To Incarceration Or Felony Conviction

Individuals in prison are not allowed to receive benefits during the time they are incarcerated. Depending on your particular situation, your SSD status may cease altogether if you have been convicted of a felony.

Loss Of SSD Due To Conditional Change

If you turn 18, you will have to re-apply for Social Security Disability benefits based on your current condition. If you reach the age of retirement, you will have to end your SSD benefit status and replace it with Social Security retirement benefit status. Entering an assisted living facility such as a halfway house or nursing home may also affect your SSD eligibility.

If you believe that your SSD benefits have been wrongfully terminated, you should contact a SSD lawyer to appeal the decision. You only have 60 days to file your appeal, so do not delay! Contact a social security attorney today!