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What Kind Of Paperwork Or Documentation Do I Need If Injured In A Car Accident

What Kind Of Paperwork Or Documentation Do I Need If Injured In A Car Accident

A question all drivers should be required to answer as soon as they receive their licenses is: What kind of paperwork do I need if injured in a car accident? Unfortunately, few of us bother to find the answer beforehand.

Paperwork And Documents That Are Needed

The paperwork needed consists of three types:

  • Documents about and obtained at the accident location
  • Medical records
  • and

  • Records of wage loss

At the accident, you must obtain several documents that are critical to your case. These are:

  • The other driver's insurance information, giving the name, address and policy number of his/her insurance company
  • The driver's license number, name and address of the other driver and all passengers in that car
  • The make, model, year, color and license plate number of the other vehicle
  • The name and telephone numbers of any witnesses to the accident
  • and

  • The police report number and the location where you can obtain a copy of the report when it is issued

Obtaining this information is crucial because you may not get the opportunity to get it once the other driver leaves the scene. Taking a few photos on your camera phone of the damage to both vehicles is also helpful.

Why These Documents Are Necessary

Medical records are required to show the extent of your medical treatment. The best way to obtain these is to forward a medical record release form to your doctors, allowing them to send copies of the records to your attorney. Make sure you get a copy as well. Records of wage loss document the money you lost from work due to the accident. Once again, a record release form sent to your employer will allow these records to be sent directly to your attorney.

Obtaining the necessary paperwork after you're injured in a car accident not only saves your attorney time and expense, but it just might be the difference between winning and losing your case.