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Truck Accidents Caused By Overworked Truck Drivers

Truck Accidents Caused By Overworked Truck Drivers

Truck drivers are often on the road for days at a time. They may be trying to rack up as many hours as possible for a bigger paycheck, or they may have some important deliveries to make in a time constrained period. Whatever the case, truck drivers who proceed to drive for over 70 hours in a week can be considered "overworked" under recent legislation from the government. An overworked driver is considered negligent, and you may file a negligence claim if you have suffered in an accident caused by an overworked truck driver. Read about the recent U.S. legislation limiting the number of hours that truck drivers may be on the road by reading U.S. Department of Transportation Takes Action to Ensure Truck Driver Rest Time and Improve Safety Behind the Wheel. If you have been involved with a truck driver in an accident, then find a truck accident lawyer for your case now.

Limits On Number Of Hours For Truck Drivers On The Road

Truck drivers can now only be on the road for up to 70 hours in any given week. In addition, here are some of the other regulations that Congress has passed and that influence the trucking industry. These regulations have been passed in order to decrease the number of truck accidents that occur every year and injure innocent car drivers. These regulations are also intended to protect the health and safety of truck drivers on the road.

  • Truck drivers require 30-minute breaks in between 8-hour shifts
  • Truck drivers may only drive up to 11 hours in a day
  • Truck drivers must take 34 hours off of work after a shift period

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You can also submit an online form or call 1-888-490-2407 to immediately start the process of filing a negligence claim. You should obtain a settlement if you have been injured due to the negligence of a truck driver. An experienced personal injury attorney can handle your truck accident claim. Contact a truck accident lawyer who is experienced with truck accident cases in your area now.