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Truck Accident Injuries

Truck Accident Injuries

Truck accidents can cause devastating and potentially life-threatening injuries that can result in partial paralysis, quadriplegia and permanent disability. The most severe types of injuries caused by truck accidents include bone fractures, lacerations, spinal cord injuries and brain injuries.

What Is A Brain Injury

Brain injuries, also known as traumatic brain injuries, are caused by blunt force trauma to the head. Forceful blows to the head can cause the brain to move within the skull, causing blood vessel ruptures and brain tissue bruising. Symptoms of a brain injury vary according to type, location and severity. Severe traumatic brain injuries can cause seizures, convulsions, lack of coordination, confusion, coma or death.

How Is A Brain Injury Treated And What Is The Prognosis

Brain injuries can range in severity from mild concussions to massive intracranial bleeding. Treatment involves the immediate stabilization of the injured person and assessment of the injury. Approximately one-half of people with severe brain injuries require surgical procedures to repair ruptured blood vessels. Initial treatment efforts are focused on preventing bleeding from damaging sensitive brain tissue. Traumatic brain injuries from motor vehicle accidents can result in disabilities, including cognitive disorders, anxiety, loss of consciousness, persistent vegetative states and paralysis.

How Are Truck Accidents Caused

Truck accidents are usually caused by driver negligence, fatigue, inexperience, improper truck maintenance and hazardous driving conditions. Semi-trailer trucks are constructed with heavy steel axles and can weigh over 100,000 pounds. The sheer force of speed and weight can easily crush a passenger vehicle, leading to devastating injuries. Although statistics have shown that truck accidents have been steadily declining since 2000, injuries are more severe than those reported from motor vehicle accidents.

What Should I Do If I Have Been Injured As A Result Of A Truck Accident

After receiving medical treatment, you should document the events involving the accident. Truck accidents are investigated by local and state law enforcement agencies, the U.S. Department of Transportation, the trucking company and its insurance carrier. Do not speak with anyone without permission from your attorney. It is important for you and your truck accident lawyer to conduct an independent accident investigation. Your lawyer will examine documents and records pertaining to the overall safety performance of the trucking company, driver safety records, truck maintenance logs, driver sleep records, driver experience and qualifications, investigative reports, insurance policies and witness statements. This information is useful for your attorney to obtain financial compensation necessary to reimburse you for medical expenses and to determine whether a personal injury lawsuit should be filed on your behalf.