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The Impact Of Fatigue In Truck Driving Accidents

The Impact Of Fatigue In Truck Driving Accidents

Fatigue is one of the deadliest causes of truck driving accidents. In the past few years, legislation has been enacted by Congress to prohibit truck drivers from driving on the road when they are experiencing signs of fatigue. Signs of fatigue include blurry vision, an inability to think clearly and an overall feeling of tiredness. A truck driver may feel like he or she can not see the road clearly and may feel a desire to fall asleep at the wheel.

It is important to understand how states are dealing with the legal issues that fatigued truck drivers can present. Read how the State of Washington is getting tired truck drivers off the road and how they are dealing with fatigued truck drivers. Your own state may be like Washington and take a very strong stance against fatigued driving which could positively impact your negligence case. In many states, police officers are beginning to arrest truck drivers for driving while experiencing fatigue. If you have been involved in a truck accident and suspect a driver was fatigued, find a truck accident lawyer for your case.

Proving Effects Of Fatigue In Court

A personal injury lawyer will have to prove your negligence claim in court in order to settle your case. In a case that deals with a truck driver's fatigue, a personal injury lawyer will have to prove that a truck driver was suffering from fatigue at the time of your accident. Listed below are some of the ways that a personal injury lawyer can prove fatigue was a factor in causing your truck accident.

  • Review of photographs of the truck driver at the time of the accident
  • Review of police reports from the scene of the accident
  • Review of testimony from key witnesses
  • Deposition testimony of the truck driver
  • Analysis of past driving habits and records of the truck driver

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