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The Impact of Blind Spots in Truck Driving Accidents

Blind spots occur when a truck driver is unable to see particular areas of the road due to a blockage of view from a truck or another car. The typical blind spots occur when a truck driver is making a wide turn or when a car driver is driving directly behind a truck. In these instances, a truck driver may be unable to see a bike rider crossing an intersection or another car turning around the corner. When a truck driver hits another person due to a blind spot, this is a form of negligence. A truck driver can not use this as an excuse to evade responsibility in a truck accident.

You may be surprised to learn that blind spots pose a great danger to drivers on the road. Read the Teens and Trucks campaign from the U.S. Secretary of Transportation which opens young drivers' eyes to trucks blind spots so they can understand how truck blind spots can harm drivers. Knowing that blind spots are a serious threat to the safety of drivers, you may feel that your case has a better chance of being settled outside of the court and want to pursue a legal claim.

Reasons To Pursue A Negligence Claim

If you have been involved in a truck accident case due to a blind spot accident, then you should pursue a negligence claim. Blind spot accidents cause serious injuries in victims all of the time. They can cause victims to become physically disabled. Victims may even have their limbs severed in tragic blind spot accident cases. In the worst cases, a loved one dies in a blind spot accident. Here are some reasons you should pursue a negligence claim that involves a blind spot accident:

  • Recover compensation for the loss of your wages
  • Recover compensation for the loss of your enjoyment of life
  • Recover funds to pay for your medical bills and surgeries
  • Recover funds to pay for the loss of your loved one

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