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5 Myths Of Truck Accident Cases

5 Myths Of Truck Accident Cases

Even though recent regulations have been passed that limit the number of hours that truck drivers are supposed to be on the road, the unfortunate reality is that truck drivers do not follow these regulations. Truck drivers do not adhere to regulations that require them to only drive for up to 70 hours in a given week. Often, they drive for more than 70 hours and are fatigued while they are on the road. As a result, innocent car drivers often end up in truck accidents due to the fault and carelessness of truck drivers. The Crash Injury Research from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration helps you understand how frequently truck accidents occur and see that millions of innocent car drivers are the victims in truck accident cases.

Top 5 Myths of Truck Accident Cases

Some people believe that truck drivers always adhere to strict regulations passed by Congress. Unfortunately, these people have a misconception. Maybe you have been involved in a truck accident and don't think you stand a chance in recovering compensation in front of a jury. Here are the top 5 myths that people should not believe in filing a negligence case:

  • The truck driver must be identified to file a negligence claim
  • Compensation can't be recovered in accidents caused while victims were driving to work
  • Truck drivers always have adequate sleep while they drive on the road
  • Truck drivers are never distracted while driving
  • Truck drivers are never intoxicated while they are driving on the road

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