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Do Truck Drivers Always Get The Rest They Need

Do Truck Drivers Always Get The Rest They Need

Truck drivers can become fatigued after they spend days on the road without breaks. Some truck drivers rarely get the rest that they need to safely operate a truck on the road. In these tough economic times, truck drivers are picking up more shifts than they did in previous years. Also, the demand for truck drivers is high, which means that companies want to give more shifts to truck drivers than they can handle. In trying to please employers and earn extra money, truck drivers sacrifice necessary sleep to increase the compensation they will receive from truck driving companies. Learn more about the data on the causes of truck accidents and other information about truck accidents. Find a truck driver lawyer who is experienced in handling truck accident cases and is right for your case.

Pursuing a Claim Against Fatigued Truck Drivers

When you are the victim in a case that involved a fatigued truck driver, you should obtain the settlement you deserve to pay for your medical bills. You have likely faced traumatic injuries after being involved in a truck accident case. Some of the most common injuries that people suffer in cases that involve fatigued truck drivers are concussions, broken or severed limbs, paralysis and other lifetime disabilities. You may never be able to work again as a result of your truck accident injuries. A personal injury lawyer can file your claim and help your case in the following ways.

  • Drafting the complaint against the fatigued driver
  • Research case law that applies to truck accident claims
  • Gather evidence to prove the driver was suffering from fatigue
  • Present your case in front of a jury

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A truck accident lawyer will help you convince a jury that you ought to receive a large settlement. He or she may also be able to settle your truck accident claim outside of court. Contact our legal professionals to find a personal injury lawyer who is located near you.