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Common Reasons For Truck Driving Accidents

Common Reasons For Truck Driving Accidents

Truck driving accidents can occur due to a truck driver's fatigue, intoxication, carelessness or reckless driving. In some scenarios, a truck driver has not been properly trained or has received the necessary certification to be able to operate a truck on the road. If you believe that you have been in a truck accident and that one of these scenarios sounds similar to yours, then you will want to file a negligence claim with the court. A personal injury lawyer can help you file a negligence claim with the court and settle your case. A personal injury lawyer will analyze the cause of your truck driving accident. Learn about the efforts of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in dealing with these common causes of trucking accidents. The NHSTA gives a step-by-step guide that helps drivers deal with aggressive truck drivers and distracted driving. It is important for you to understand these common causes as one or more may be present in your own case.

Reasons Truck Drivers Cause Accidents

In our ever-increasing technological world, drivers can be seen texting while driving or talking on their cell phones. Truck drivers are not immune to this form of distracted driving. In fact, truck drivers who text and drive cause thousands of accidents every year. Truck drivers can also be distracted while driving in these other ways:

  • Eating or drinking while driving a truck
  • Listening to music that is too loud while operating a truck
  • Driving a truck while watching a small television
  • Reading a book while driving a truck
  • Talking to others in the truck while driving
  • Being under the influence of alcohol or drugs while driving

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