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The Affects Of Drowsy Driving On Truck Drivers

The Affects Of Drowsy Driving On Truck Drivers

Every year, thousands of truck accidents occur due to the negligence of the truck driver. Truck drivers are often given lengthy routes and a limited time to complete these routes. As a result, they can often fall asleep at the wheel or feel fatigued in driving on the road. When this happens, they can easily get into truck accidents with innocent car drivers. If you have been the victim in a truck accident case, then hiring a truck accident lawyer is in your best interest. Learn more about the thousands of truck accidents that occur due to the negligence of truck drivers by visiting national statistics for truck accidents from the NCSA.

How Drowsy Driving Affects Truck Drivers

Truck drivers suffer from drowsy driving when they have been the road for hours at a time. They usually have forgotten to take a break between their driving sessions. Some truck drivers will drive for 10 to 14 hours without taking a break to relax and regain energy. The failure to take a break while driving usually violates one of the regulations in the truck driving industry, and truck drivers can be held accountable for this negligence. Listed below are some common examples of when drowsy driving occurs.

  • Truck drivers drive late at night and forget to turn their lights on.
  • Truck drivers fail to see a car turning on the road.
  • Truck drivers fall asleep at the wheel.
  • Truck drivers ram into the back of a car.

Reasons To Pursue Your Truck Accident Claim

You can also give us a call at anytime at 1-888-490-2407, and we will help you find a truck accident lawyer. You should always pursue a truck accident claim if you have been involved in this type of accident. You may be entitled to receive thousands or millions of dollars due to this negligence. You may be able to receive a large settlement that will provide for you and your family for the years to come. Our legal professionals can help you locate truck accident lawyers who have handled truck accident claims in your area.