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Questions To Ask When Hiring A Personal Injury Attorney

Questions To Ask When Hiring A Personal Injury Attorney

You've scheduled an initial consultation with a personal injury attorney. You have all of your facts written down and copies of all important documents with you. But what questions should you ask when hiring a personal injury lawyer?

Questions To Ask

  1. What Kind Of Cases Does Your Law Firm Handle?
  2. Generally you want an attorney that's experienced in your type of case. All attorneys think they can handle personal injury cases. Not all of them can do a good job of it. Experience counts.

  3. What Is Your Fee?
  4. Most personal injury attorneys handle cases on a contingent fee basis. That means the attorney's fee comes out of any settlement you get. Find out what percentage of the settlement goes to the fee. Also, determine if you will have to pay any expenses before a case settles.

  5. How Long Have You Been Handling Personal Injury Cases?
  6. Obviously, the longer the better.

  7. Do You Receive Personal Injury Referrals From Other Attorneys?
  8. If the attorney's answer is "yes," great. This means that other attorneys think enough of the firm to send them their cases - a good sign.

  9. How Long Will It Take For My Case To Be Resolved?
  10. The shorter the better. Yes, a lot of this depends on factors beyond the attorney's control, like court schedules. But it also depends upon the resources a firm is willing to commit to a case. You want an attorney that will resolve your case as quickly as possible.

  11. How Often Will You Update Me On The Status Of My Case?
  12. No, you shouldn't expect daily phone calls. But a good attorney keeps you informed, thus eliminating the need for you to call and ask what's going on.

The answers you get to these questions should help you decide when hiring a personal injury lawyer. Choose wisely. Your case depends on it.