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Personal Injury Claims Other Than Car Accidents

Personal Injury Claims Other Than Car Accidents

Personal injuries are far more prevalent than we assume. Unfortunately, serious injuries and even deaths can result. Medical costs stemming from injuries quickly mount. In some instances, cases are significant and complex enough that it is prudent to seek assistance of legal counsel. The ultimate recovery and compensation for the personal injury victim and claimant can differ according to the way the case is approached and handled. Personal injury counsel can navigate the process from immediately after the injury is sustained through appeals and collection of the judgment or settlement.

While car accidents are a common reason for personal injury claims, other types of incidents frequently lead to them, too.

Workplace Injuries

Workers' compensation insurance typically covers this type of personal injury. In many instances, employers hold insurance that totally or at least partially covers claims of workers who are injured on the job. Exceptions to this type of available insurance coverage usually occur if the worker is drunk or similarly impaired when injured. Alternatively, if the worker is an independent contractor who works at a location off-site from the employer's workplace, there may be difficulties obtaining coverage. In some cases, the recovery for these injuries is not resolved at the claims level, and litigation becomes necessary.

Medical Malpractice Injuries

This type of injury results from mistakes made by doctors and medical professionals. Incorrect operations, grossly improper diagnoses, mistakes in surgery, and erroneous prescriptions with hazardous drug combinations are the types of mistakes suffered by patients eligible to file personal injury suits for medical malpractice. Medical malpractice settlements and jury awards can be large in this field due to the seriousness of the harms to patients' health and lives.

Product Defects Injuries

This is a less common form of personal injury. Often children are injured in this field. One of the more prevalent sources of product defect injuries is children's toys. The pieces may be choking hazards, paints may have lead, packaging may be unsafe, or there may be suffocation or a drowning risk. Another type of product defect occurs with machinery, tools, and similar types of equipment. If a person uses the device or product according to the directions and in the manner in which the product was intended to be utilized, but yet still suffers an injury, a potentially large settlement or award for the resulting injury may be possible. These types of suits may become class actions because of the wide scope of marketing and sales for many products in today's marketplace and economy.