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Insurance Policies Cover Which Costs In A Personal Injury Matter

Insurance Policies Cover Which Costs In A Personal Injury Matter

Automobile, Commercial Liability, And Homeowners' Policies

There are several types of insurance policies available to provide coverage for personal injuries that result from accidents. In fact, the majority of automobile, commercial liability, and homeowners' insurance policies include coverage for the medical costs associated with these very types of personal injuries. It is significant to note that this coverage exists regardless of liability or fault.

In the instance of automobile policies, the coverage exists for more than the named insured party, as family members and passengers in the covered vehicle are likewise covered, as well. In the case of homeowners' insurance policies, visitors to the home or premises or others are provided with coverage. For commercial liability policies, others and visitors are similarly covered.

Health Insurance, Workers' Compensation Insurance, Disability Insurers, And HMOs

There are other forms of coverage available to pay injured persons' benefits as a result of injuries sustained in accidents. For example, health insurance, workers' compensation insurance, disability insurers, and HMOs are typically available to provide coverage for injured parties for accidental injuries. There are caveats, however.

For instance, if the injured party asserts a claim against another party for the injuries and that claim is successful, then the insurer will ordinarily require the injured party to repay the benefits originally received from the insurer. This repayment requirement ensures that there is no double recovery to the claimant.

If The Injured Party Is At Fault For Injuries, Coverage Is Restricted

If the injuries that stem from an accident are the injured party's fault, for the most part, then the coverage available to compensate for medical benefits is limited. In those restricted instances, only health insurance, workers' compensation, and medical payments coverage potentially may be applicable and available to provide coverage.

Coverage For Uninsured Driver-Caused Injuries

For those parties injured as a result of the actions of uninsured drivers, there is a specific type of coverage available. Injured parties may receive coverage from their own automobile policy under uninsured motorist coverage, if such coverage exists. The same rules apply to uninsured motorist coverage as to the coverage available ordinarily for insured drivers.