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How To Hire An Injury Attorney

How To Hire An Injury Attorney

Even if you know that you need an attorney, you may not know how to hire an injury attorney. There are several items you should consider.

Ask For Referrals

The best place to start is by asking friends, family members and co-workers for a referral. People who have been represented by attorneys in the past have had to work closely with them at times. Consider what they liked about their attorney, as well as their dislikes. People react differently to each other, but personal experience is a pretty good recommendation.

Hire Attorneys Based On Experience

You should choose an attorney who has experience with your type of case. All personal injuries are not the same. For example, just because an attorney represented someone in a slip and fall case doesn't mean he has experience in a product liability or asbestosis case. Most attorneys publish detailed websites outlining their experience. Read these carefully.

It's also a good idea to hire an attorney who is well known in the court where you will be filing your case. Although many attorneys will accept cases in several different states, experience with the local courts and attorneys can be an advantage in some cases.

Ask Questions Before Hiring

When you meet with a potential attorney for the first time, tell him all the facts of your case. If the attorney is interested in taking your case, you must determine how much his fee is and how it will be paid. If it's a contingent fee case, will you be required to pay any expenses before you receive a settlement or judgment? Also determine what percentage of any settlement/judgment will pay the attorney's fee. If you are paying an hourly fee, be sure to determine how much the attorney charges per hour and if the rate is always the same.

If all of these items appear reasonable, the attorney may provide you with a fee agreement to sign. Read the agreement, and ask the attorney to explain anything you don't understand. It's much better to deal with questions or misunderstandings as soon as possible in the attorney-client relationship.