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Catastrophic Accidents: Focus on Liability

Catastrophic Accidents: Focus on Liability

A building collapses. A train carrying hazardous materials derails. A chain-reaction car accident leaves dozens of cars and trucks in a pile-up. A coal mine explodes. An airplane crashes. Catastrophic accidents can occur anywhere, any time. After identifying the cause of a catastrophic accident, investigators and lawyers will then focus on liability: Who bears financial responsibility for the damages you've suffered?

The Effects of a Catastrophic Accident

The effects of a catastrophic accident can be devastating, even fatal. And the after-effects can linger for months or even years.

If you've been injured in a catastrophic accident, you may be facing an extended hospital stay and permanent disability. The financial impact can be severe, including staggering medical bills, lost wages, round-the-clock medical care and expensive medical equipment to help you function. Insurance caps mean you may be on the hook for hundreds of thousands—or even millions—of dollars in bills.

On top of the physical effects of a catastrophic accident, you may have material possessions that need replacing, too. Too often a catastrophic accident can damage or destroy a home or car. All of these accident-related expenses are known as damages.

Determining Liability in Catastrophic Accidents

If your accident was caused by someone else's negligent or deliberate actions, then they should pay for the damages they caused. That's why accident lawyers are focused on the cause of the accident and the liability.

However, determining liability isn't always straightforward, even when you know the cause of the accident. Suppose, for example, there's a natural gas explosion in your neighborhood, leveling the home where the explosion occurred and damaging nearby homes. The damage was caused by the gas explosion, but what led to the build-up of gas? Liability will vary depending on the events leading up to the explosion. Did a pipe crack? Was a faulty part installed? Did someone intentionally damage a piece of equipment? Was the furnace poorly maintained?

Your accident attorney and investigators will review all of the evidence to determine what company or individual was liable in the accident. (Oftentimes responsibility for the accident may be shared among several parties.) Once your lawyers think they know who was responsible, a personal injury lawsuit or lawsuits will be filed naming all of the parties with potential liability.

By aggressively going after every person or company that is responsible for your injuries, your catastrophic accident lawyers ensure that you'll get all of the compensation you deserve.

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