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Can I End Up Owing Money After My Personal Injury Lawsuit

Can I End Up Owing Money After My Personal Injury Lawsuit

You usually do not have to owe money after your personal injury lawsuit. If you succeed, the settlement will include legal fees. If you fail, the lawyer will most likely not charge you.

This should be of great relief to individuals who are considering a personal injury lawsuit but who don't necessarily have much in the way of disposable income. Personal injuries often take a hefty chunk out of one's finances initially, especially if the injury makes an individual unable to work. Medical bills can pile up quickly.

However, legal fees are not something that people considering a personal injury lawsuit in a civil court should have to worry about.

Personal Injury Lawyers' System

Most personal injury lawyers have a system by which they judge whether a lawsuit can be won before they even take it to trial. They will interview you, typically in a free initial consultation, to determine whether or not your personal injury lawsuit can be won. If not, they will apologize, and you are free to seek a second opinion with another personal injury lawyer. However, if they do take on your case, they will work to make sure that you win. You will know that they are doing their utmost when they agree not to charge you unless and until you win the trial.

Do not trust any personal injury lawyer who wants your money before the case is settled! This is not standard, and you will be able to find a legal professional who knows how it's supposed to be done.

If you win a settlement, a lawyer will generally write his own fees into the expected settlement. A personal injury settlement includes any fees incurred that would not have had to be incurred had the personal injury not been sustained. This includes your lawyer's legal fees. If the lawyer does not win the settlement, make sure that he does not charge you anything. Better yet, make sure that your initial agreement stated that he wouldn't charge you if your case lost.

Don't Worry About Legal Fees

While your lost wages and medical bills will likely still be there if you lose the case, and while you will have to continue paying your bills while the case is ongoing, legal fees are not of this nature. Lawyers know that they wouldn't get any business if they didn't present themselves as a free-until-you-win service because their prime clientele are individuals going through hard times. If you have been injured due to someone else's negligence, consider a personal injury today!