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Is Poor Hospital Sanitization A Reason To File A Medical Malpractice Claim

Is Poor Hospital Sanitization A Reason To File A Medical Malpractice Claim

One of the most common causes of a patient's infection is the lack of sanitization in a hospital room. When a hospital room has not been properly cleaned by the staff in a hospital, a person can suffer from contagious illnesses from other patients. Suffering from one contagious illness can cause a patient who is already weak to become even weaker or even die due to pneumonia. Your case is important and deserves the attention of a medical malpractice attorney. You can also learn more about medical malpractice and sanitization issues by reviewing the research sources for medical malpractice issues from the Gallagher Law Library at the University of Washington.

Examples Of Poor Hospital Sanitization

When your hospital room has not been properly sanitized, you can become exposed to harmful bacteria and the germs of other patients. The terms of other patients can cause you to suffer from harmful illnesses like pneumonia. Pneumonia can cause the current illnesses of patients to become worse, or it can even cause death. There are many ways in which a hospital staff can fail to uphold its duty of care to you as the patient. A hospital staff may forget to properly clean a utensil that is used in your surgery. Listed below are some other examples of poor hospital sanitization.

  • Uncleaned floors
  • Bedpans that have not been changed
  • No use of antibacterial cleaner in the room
  • Contaminated food

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