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Who Pays For The Cost Of Medical Examinations In My Defective Drug Lawsuit

Who Pays For The Cost Of Medical Examinations In My Defective Drug Lawsuit

When you are pursuing a defective drug lawsuit, you need to be sure that all the evidence is there. You need evidence from past and present health records to show that the only thing that changed in your life was the introduction of the new drug, and that as a result, your health has deteriorated. If you don't have the money for a medical examination, you may be put off from undertaking a defective drug lawsuit.

Let Your Lawyer Pay

If your defective drugs attorney is reputable, confident and takes the case seriously, she will generally pay for any medical examinations related to the case. Another way of looking at it is that the drug manufacturer that you are suing will pay for the cost of the medical examination out of the "legal fees" portion of the compensation demanded by the lawsuit when you win.

Remember that the purpose of the examination is to find evidence for your claim that a defective drug had an adverse effect. To you, it may feel like spending time at an expensive hospital, but to a lawyer, it is necessary homework to build a successful case for a judge and jury. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration depends on legal rulings and official documentation to determine if a drug has been deemed defective, so a committed lawyer will make sure that everything is in order.

Who Pays For Medical Bills If Injury Results From The Defective Drug

This is a different type of medical examination related to your defective drug lawsuit. Medical bills that pile up because a prescribed drug was harmful to your health are the reason why you undertake a defective product lawsuit in the first place. If you can establish a direct line of proof between your deteriorating health and the drug in question, a judge will rule that the manufacturer must pay for all of your medical expenses involved in getting back on your feet, any lost wages that might have resulted, and the intangible pain and suffering from losing months or even years to poor health as a result of bad medicine.