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How To Find Information About Class Action Lawsuits

How To Find Information About Class Action Lawsuits

Thanks to the Class Action Fairness Act of 2005, courts typically mandate that everyone in the class action lawsuit should be identified and contacted if they're injured in the way and by the product described. Notices are typically sent out to everyone by whatever means the court deems necessary. You will likely be found if the product has caused you to become sick or hospitalized. If you have not yet been hospitalized but the law firm tasked with outreach can find your contact information, it will send you a notice. Otherwise, the firm will purchase air time on TV, radio, print ads and on the Internet in hopes that people affected by a particular drug will see it and get in touch with the lawyers conducting the class action.

If you wish to see if any current class action lawsuits deal with anything that you use regularly, you may need to go looking for it yourself.

Where To Proactively Find Class Action Lawsuit Information

By conducting web searches for particular items, you can easily find the contact information for a defective drug attorney conducting the class action lawsuit. Simply type in "______ class action lawsuit" with the blank space replaced by the product being targeted.

There are also a variety of websites committed to staying abreast of any new class action lawsuit information. Class actions must be registered with the U.S. Department of Justice, and while most people may find it difficult to get a full list from the DoJ, there are individuals who do that full-time and host websites with relevant information. You can simply do a search for "current class action lawsuits" or something similar, then browse any lists in the search results to find the information you need.

While it never hurts to check, you should keep in mind that it is unlikely that you will find an unexpected, personally relevant class action lawsuit. Even if you find a lawsuit about a product that you use, it may only be available to individuals who have been harmed in a particular way. You will have to read the details of the lawsuit to be certain.