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Class Action Lawsuits - Five Things To Know

Class Action Lawsuits - Five Things To Know

Virtually everyone who owns a television or reads a newspaper has heard of class action lawsuits. Despite all the misinformation about these suits in the media, there are five important facts every person should know about class actions.

You Do Not Have To Pay To Participate

Class action attorneys work on a contingency fee basis. They will not get paid until the lawsuit is over, and their fees are generally limited to a certain percentage of the total settlement. If the lawsuit is unsuccessful, they will receive nothing.

Your Involvement May Be Minimal

Unlike standard lawsuits, which require huge investments of time, many class action plaintiffs never visit a courtroom or meet an attorney face to face. You may receive a settlement simply by filling out some paperwork or making a few phone calls.

You Do Have A Voice

If you want more involvement, the law protects your right to express your views about the progress of the lawsuit. Many attorneys will provide a method for you to express any concerns you may have. In addition, the court will not approve a settlement until a "fairness hearing" has been held. You have the right to appear at that hearing and tell the judge your thoughts on the proposed settlement.

Class Actions Make It Easier To Win Your Case

If you file an individual lawsuit, the defendant will have the right to go to trial and demand proof of every element of your case. In many class action lawsuits, however, the defendant bargains away some of these protections in exchange for a settlement. As a result, you may receive a settlement simply by passing a physical or submitting the required documentation.

You Can Get Compensation For Small Injuries

Class actions are used to group a large number of plaintiffs into a single lawsuit. The individual cases might not be valuable enough to allow the plaintiffs to hire private attorneys, but their combined value is often shockingly high.

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