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Finding Information About Defective Drugs & Class-Action Lawsuits

Finding Information About Defective Drugs & Class-Action Lawsuits

There are a number of sources you can turn to if you're worried about the safety of a drug or want updates on class-action lawsuits against pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Defective Drug Resources to Bookmark

One of your go-to resources should be the U.S. Food & Drug Administration. The FDA has several useful sections that contain information about potentially dangerous drugs. In particularly, you should bookmark:

LawyerLocator and its sister site regularly post articles about defective drugs and medical products.

The website Top Class Actions compiles lists of ongoing investigations into potentially dangerous drugs as well as recent class actions for which claims are currently being accepted.

If you're interested in a specific drug or medical device—be it Yaz or Meso or Pelvic Mesh or another product—consider setting up a Google news alert. After entering your search query (consider the name of the drug or product and the word "litigation"), you should restrict your search result type to "news" and then instruct Google to email you a list of relevant news articles as they are posted or every day or every week.

Credible Source?

There is a lot of information—and misinformation—on the internet. When doing online research for defective drug information, it sometimes pays to be a little skeptical.

Ask yourself: Is the information provided by an organization (such as the FDA or a major media outlet) that you have heard of and know to be credible? Is the website simply a resource for news and information, or is it trying to gather personal, private information that may be used for unknown purposes? Can you verify the information on another trustworthy website?

Visit LawyerLocator for more information about defective drugs or to find a mass-tort attorney.