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Actos Injury Attorney - Pharmaceutical Litigation for Actos Bladder Cancer Link

Actos Injury Attorney - Pharmaceutical Litigation for Actos Bladder Cancer Link

A recent study conducted in France has linked the diabetes drug, ACTOS, manufactured by Takeda, with increasing the risks of developing bladder cancer.

Risks And Side Effects

This risk of development of bladder cancer increases for those patients who have taken ACTOS for at least one year. In several dozen ACTOS litigation cases, the extent of injuries alleged by patient claimants has included:

  • Death
  • Mandatory bladder removal
  • Male bladder problems that have shifted to the testicles
  • Female bladder problems resulting in infertility.

Bladder Cancer Background

Bladder cancer usually starts in the cells of the bladder's lining. This type of cancer has a high recurrence rate in many patients.

It is not uncommon for a bladder cancer patient to have to undergo surgeries annually—even semi-annually for some—for many consecutive years. Chemotherapy might also be required if the cancer spreads to other locations.

Drug Status

As a result of the French study and its findings, France and Germany have banned ACTOS entirely from their marketplaces. The United States has experienced an increase in bladder cancer lawsuits but has not yet initiated a ban. The U.S. might follow the lead of its European neighbors and initiate a complete ban of the drug at some point in the future, though. It is likely that the U.S. will await the publication of additional pending studies before taking such a drastic action.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) advises that it has approved revised drug labels for pioglitazone-containing drugs like ACTOS. The FDA requires those labels to detail safety information stating that usage of pioglitazone for one year or more could be connected to an increase in bladder cancer risk. Health Canada is also now issuing releases about ACTOS and warning of its links to bladder cancer risks.