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Questions To Ask When Hiring An Employment Attorney

Questions To Ask When Hiring An Employment Attorney

If you have a legal issue with your employer such as workplace discrimination, sexual harassment, unlawful termination, missing back pay or overtime pay, the power differential is such that you should consider hiring an employment attorney if your boss doesn't respond in a way that meets your needs.

Several Important Questions

To ensure that the legal process goes as smoothly as possible, you should prepare some questions to ask beforehand. This will help you weed out attorneys that aren't a good fit and will help to match you with a lawyer who will provide you with the best chance to win. By asking these questions, you can show the lawyer that you are very serious about your litigation and will prove that you have done your homework.

  • What Percentage Of Cases Are Tried In Court Rather Than Being Settled?
    • You may want to look for a lawyer with a proven track record of being able to settle cases out of court as this is generally faster, cheaper and less emotionally trying.

  • How Much Experience Do You Have With My Particular Issue?
    • In the field of employment law, there are several subsets of legal matters such as sexual harassment, workers' compensation and unlawful termination.

  • How Much Of My Case Will You Handle, And How Much Will You Pass On To Paralegals Or Other Associates?
    • You want to be sure that the lawyer with whom you are interviewing will actually be the one doing the legal legwork. If not, you should interview the associates or find another attorney.

  • What Are Your Legal Fee Terms?

    • Many lawyers work on contingency, meaning that they will not charge you unless and until you settle your case. However, others will charge by the hour for their time and may charge extra to file paperwork and represent you in court.

  • What Are My Options?
    • In the initial consultation, you should ask the lawyer for a brief rundown of your options. This will help you determine what to do next and will help you judge your lawyer's competence in handling your particular issue.

Your employment attorney will likely ask you plenty of questions about the nature of a particular incident or situation in order to develop a case. It is your legal right to utilize the services of an attorney, and you should have some questions to ask yourself to be sure that you are getting the most out of this right. Contact an employment lawyer today!