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What Are The Rights And Responsibilities Of A Permanent Resident

What Are The Rights And Responsibilities Of A Permanent Resident

Receiving a green card is an important milestone in your journey toward citizenship. It indicates that you no longer have to continue re-applying for your visa, or temporary residence. When you get your green card, you have conditional permanent residency. While it may be taken away if you don't behave a certain way and uphold certain responsibilities, it gives you the right to have unconditional permanent residency either through marriage or through entrepreneurship. Unconditional permanent residency naturally progresses into U.S. citizenship, in which you have nearly all the rights of a natural-born citizen including the right to vote.

If you want to plan your path to citizenship, contact an immigration lawyer for a consultation. A lawyer will help you fill out USCIS forms, apply for visas and green cards, and offer detailed information on how to conduct yourself while in the United States.

For a brief rundown of the responsibilities, freedoms and rights of conditional permanent residents, read on.

What it Means to Have a Green Card

According to US Citizenship and Immigration Services, your rights as a permanent resident include:

  • The right to live permanently in the United States
  • The right to apply for and hold nearly any United States job, though some national security-sensitive jobs may only be held by U.S. citizens
  • Protection under United States federal law as well as local and state laws where you live

These rights and freedoms only apply if you behave accordingly, by:

  • Obeying all United States federal, state and local laws in your area
  • Filing your income tax returns and report all income to the Internal Revenue Service and state authorities
  • Supporting the democratic form of government and not attempting to change it through fraud, violence or other illegal means
  • Registering with Selective Service if you are a male aged 18 to 25

You will abandon your permanent resident status if you remain outside of the United States without filing appropriate paperwork, move to another country and establish yourself as a permanent resident, or fail to declare yourself as an immigrant on your income tax returns. You may be deported if you fail to uphold United States laws or fail to uphold your responsibilities as a permanent resident.

To apply for permanent residency, contact an immigration attorney today!