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Is It Necessary To Have Legal Representation For An Immigrant Visa Interview

Is It Necessary To Have Legal Representation For An Immigrant Visa Interview

While it is not strictly necessary to bring an immigration attorney to your visa interview, it can be useful, especially if you don't speak English well and need assistance understanding the legal implications of what a citizenship officer asks you. You have a right to legal representation when it comes to a visa interview, and there is no reason not to utilize that right. The immigration officer will be less likely to ask you things that he doesn't need to know and less likely to be hostile toward you.

Your immigration lawyer will help you prepare all the documentation you need for the interview and will help you present it in a way that supports your case for a visa, permanent residence or citizenship, depending on your current stage in the citizenship process.

What Is An Immigrant Visa Interview Like

Initially, you and a listed legal representative will be sent notifications of the place, date and time of your visa interview by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services office in your area. You will be required to gather a set of documents for your interview, including but not limited to work documents, a medical examination, marriage papers if applicable, and other official items. Your immigration lawyer will help you determine what you need.

During the interview, the interviewer will ask to see all of your documents and go over them. He will ask questions about the nature of your stay in the United States and your future plans, i.e. if you plan to seek permanent residence and citizenship. Your lawyer will help you and may answer for you if the interview veers into legally sensitive topics that could cause problems for you in obtaining a visa.

The Right To An Attorney

One of the most cherished rights of individuals living in the United States, even if they aren't permanent residents or citizens, is the right to an attorney. Legal codes are complicated for people who don't study them as their profession, and sometimes the gravity of a decision or situation requires the assistance of a professional. If you plan on getting a U.S. visa and are concerned about whether or not you will get it, you should consult with a legal professional and seek representation in your immigrant visa interview today!