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Will My License Be Suspended If Convicted Of A DUI

Will My License Be Suspended If Convicted Of A DUI

You're about to convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol. The first question many people have is, "Will my license be suspended?" The answer to that depends on your particular state's laws and several other aggravating factors.

States have different DUI levels

Many states today have different levels of DUI. For example, in Pennsylvania, if this is your only DUI conviction and your Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) is less than .1 percent, you could avoid having your license suspended by serving up to six months probation, paying a $300 fine, going to alcohol highway safety school and attending counseling if ordered. But, if you have any of these aggravating factors, you can say goodbye to your license for a while:

  1. BAC of .1 percent or higher - Go over the .1 limit with no prior DUIs, and the law says your license will be suspended for 12 months. If you can get what's called an Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD), your suspension will be 30 days for a BAC of .1 percent to .16 percent and 60 days for a BAC of more than .16 percent. How can you get ARD? This must be your first DUI, and the district attorney must agree to it. No ARD? Twelve-month suspension.
  2. Prior DUI offense - Yep, even if you're only at .08 percent, if this is your second DUI conviction, you lose your license for a year. More than one prior DUI? Your license will be suspended for a year and a half. Forget about ARD.
  3. BAC of .16 percent or more - If you can get ARD, you get a 60-day suspension. No ARD? You get a 12-month suspension for your first DUI and 18 months for every subsequent DUI.
  4. Injure someone - In some states, if you injure someone while DUI, this is an aggravating factor that could get you a mandatory license suspension.
  5. Refuse a breathalyzer test - Some states will automatically give you the stiffest DUI punishment if you refuse a BAC test. That includes a license suspension.