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What To Do If Pulled Over And Accused Of A DUI

What To Do If Pulled Over And Accused Of A DUI

Pulled over and accused of DUI by a police officer? Whether you have or haven't been drinking, there are certain things you should and shouldn't do.

You should:

  1. Be polite. If you haven't been drinking, getting pulled over is bound to make you nervous or maybe angry, or you might even if think it's funny. Being rude, obnoxious or sarcastic with the officer is not going to help. Try to remember that there's probably a reason you were pulled over. Maybe you were inattentive and driving erratically. Don't make the problem worse.
  2. If you are under 21 years of age, don't admit that you've had anything to drink. In some states, you can be convicted of DUI for any amount of alcohol. If you admit that you had "just one," you just might have admitted to DUI.
  3. Contact an experienced DUI attorney as soon as possible. DUI penalties have been steadily increased over the last several years. Fines, license suspensions and jail time are more likely than ever.
  4. Confirm the facts. Review all of the details of your arrest and put them down in writing. If there were any witnesses, write down their names and addresses. Any assistance you can provide your attorney in investigating your case will only strengthen your defense.
  5. Follow your attorney's recommendations. You are paying for expert advice. Put it to use. The legal system can often seem illogical. Take the advice of people who deal with it every day. Whether or not you've been drinking when pulled over and accused of DUI, these common-sense suggestions can save you a lot of trouble.