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Questions To Ask Your DUI Attorney

Questions To Ask Your DUI Attorney

What questions should you ask a DUI attorney before you retain him or her? You want to know about experience, results and costs.


  • How many DUI trials has the attorney handled to verdict? Not settled, but tried. Attorneys that aren't afraid to try cases generally get better results.
  • What percentage of their cases are DUI cases? The higher the percentage, the more experience this attorney has.
  • How many cases has he or she taken through trial and appeal? You don't want to have to hire a new attorney if you need to appeal.
  • Do other attorneys refer DUI cases to the firm you are considering? This is a good sign because it means that fellow attorneys recognize them as skilled defense counsel.


  • What kind of success have they had with their DUI cases?
  • What kind of outcomes have they obtained for their clients? Dismissals? Probation with no license suspension?
  • How many trials and appeals have they won?


  • How will you be billed for the case? If by the hour, what is the attorney's hourly rate? Will this be the only attorney working on your case? If not, who will try the case if necessary and what is their hourly rate?
  • If a flat fee case, what services are included in the flat fee? Does it include trial? Appeal?
  • How often will you be billed? Monthly?
  • What expenses will there be?
  • What has the attorney charged for this type of case in the past?

If you get satisfactory answers to these questions, you've found yourself an attorney. If not, keep looking. And keep asking questions of your prospective DUI attorneys.