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How Can I Prevent My License From Being Suspended If Ive Received A DUI Or DWI

How Can I Prevent My License From Being Suspended If Ive Received A DUI Or DWI

If you've received a DUI or DWI conviction, your license may or may not be suspended. Depending on certain conditions like whether this is your first offense, whether your alcohol level was high, or whether you've injured someone, your sentence may be more severe. Of course, the severity of your sentence also depends on the state you live in. For instance, Ohio is known to have strict license suspension policies, whereas other states like Rhode Island and New Jersey are somewhat less stringent.

DUI convictions are not as one-size-fits-all as many people might believe, and it may be necessary to hire a lawyer if you want to get the best result from your DUI conviction. Your sentence is variable depending on how the judge sees your particular situation. A DUI attorney will help you put together your defense and work toward keeping your license from being suspended.

Four Things That Could Aggravate Your DUI Sentence

While a lawyer can help you keep your license, you may prefer to read up on the laws so you can present your case to a judge. These four questions will help you know if the facts line up in your favor or not.

  1. Did You Refuse the Breathalyzer Test? - If you have, you can expect the most stringent punishment offered, as officers will assume that your BAC was in the highest bracket. Always do the breath test if you're pulled over for drunk driving.
  2. Did You Hurt Anybody? - If your DUI was given in conjunction with causing someone bodily harm or even killing someone, there is little you can do to prevent your license from being suspended or revoked. If not, you might be able to mount a "no harm, no foul" defense.
  3. Do You Have a Prior DUI Conviction? - If this is your first offense, a judge is more likely to be lenient with you.
  4. Was Your BAC 0.1 or Higher? - If your BAC is over this mark, there's little you can do to keep your license from being suspended. If you commit to taking classes and show that you understand the severity of the situation, the best you can hope for is that it is only suspended for a month. If your BAC is over .15 to .25 depending on the state, that minimum suspension time may be raised significantly.