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How Does A DUI/DWI Affect Your Driving Record

How Does A DUI/DWI Affect Your Driving Record

Each time you receive a speeding or parking ticket or are pulled over for a broken taillight and get a citation for it, a mark goes on your driving record. When you go to get car insurance, the insurance company agent looks at your driving record and sees those infractions and thinks you are a risky customer, so he asks you to pay more each month for your car insurance. You go to apply for a job and your potential employer pulls your motor vehicle record and sees your driving history. Do you get the job? What if he sees you were cited for a DUI or DWI? Do you get the job then?

It Lasts

Much like hits to your credit score, detrimental events in your driving record stay on the books for a long time. When you get a DUI or DWI it stays on your motor vehicle record for the rest of your life. Just like unpaid bills on your credit history, a DUI or DWI on your driving record will cost you for a very long time.

It Matters

It's not just car insurance companies that look at your driving record to decide whether or not to sell you auto insurance and how much to charge you. It's not even just employers who will look at your driving history and use that information to decide whether or not to hire or promote you. Your driving record is part of a criminal background check, so when someone, like a potential landlord, wants to run a criminal background check as part of their tenant screening policies, your DUI/DWI will come up. It is also considered when you apply for health, life, and home insurance, adoption proceedings, and by the judicial system if you are called for jury duty or find yourself in family or civil court.

Deciding to get behind the wheel after you've had a few will stay on your driving record for the rest of your life. Is that something you want to carry along with you during all that time?