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Can A Lawyer Help Expunge My DUI Record

Can A Lawyer Help Expunge My DUI Record

You can proactively deal with your DUI case by hiring a DUI lawyer who is ready to assist with your case. The best step forward to take in handling your case is hiring a DUI lawyer who will expunge your DUI record in the future. Thousands of people are able to have a charge for driving under the influence expunged from their records due to good behavior in the jail system or through a pardon from the governor. Learn more about expunging a charge on your record by looking at the requirements in the state of Florida. The requirements in Florida are similar to the requirements in a majority of the other states.

Requirements A Lawyer Looks For In Expunging DUI Records For Clients

A lawyer will look at the facts of your case to decide whether you qualify for an expunged DUI record. There are basic requirements that a lawyer will be looking for in your application for an expungement of a charge on your record. First, you have to be charged with a misdemeanor or felony in order to qualify for an expunged record. Listed below are the other requirements that a lawyer will look for in your case:

  • Successful completion of a probate sentence.
  • Client hasn't committed new crimes during the probate sentence.
  • Not currently serving a sentence for another criminal offense.
  • Client hasn't committed a sex offense in the past.
  • Community ties of the client.

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Call 1-888-490-2407 to speak with our legal professionals to find a DUI lawyer who is located near you. A DUI lawyer will use any evidence that you can provide in order to expunge a charge for driving under the influence on your record. A lawyer wants to help you get rid of this record in the least amount of time possible. He or she wants to show the positive contributions that you will make to the community in the future.