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Divorce - Separating Facts And Emotions

Divorce - Separating Facts And Emotions

Although some divorces can be settled outside of court and without much negotiation, many divorces involve years of built up hurt and anger and lengthy battles between lawyers. Matters become more complicated when the parties jointly own property or have children together. Becoming emotional in court, during mediation, or during meetings between the parties is counterproductive. Judges, juries, and opposing lawyers may view emotional outbursts as a sign that you are unstable. It is best to rely on the advice of a divorce attorney throughout the proceedings and seek psychological therapy if you feel that it is necessary to help you face your emotions.

How To Avoid Becoming Too Emotional During A Divorce:

  • If you are in court or a meeting and feel an outburst coming on, take a break and collect your thoughts.
  • Stay focused on your goals. Emotional outbursts are likely to make the process longer and more difficult.
  • Keep in mind that you are not the only one emotionally affected by divorce. Your partner and children may also be hurting. Try to respect the feelings of other people involved.
  • Find a way to state facts without involving emotions. Avoid accusations or calling names.
  • Look toward the future. Think of the time in the future when this difficult experience will be behind you.
  • Always take the high road. Even if your spouse calls you names or hits below the belt, be the bigger person and remain calm. You will look better in the long run.

How A Divorce Attorney Can Help You

Although the advent of no-fault divorce has made it easier for couples to divorce, there are many benefits to hiring a lawyer. An experienced divorce lawyer can help you negotiate a settlement, can do much of the paperwork for you, and can help you limit your contact with the other side. Divorce lawyers are able to assist in identifying your goals and looking for the most favorable solutions. Hiring an attorney makes a divorce less emotional because there is more of an emphasis on the facts and fewer times when you will be put in emotionally charged situations. If you are considering a divorce or an annulment, contact a divorce lawyer as soon as possible in order to help you navigate this difficult process.