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How Soon Can I Remarry After My Divorce

How Soon Can I Remarry After My Divorce

In the United States, an individual can legally remarry the day after their divorce is finalized. When the divorce is final both, parties will receive a "Notice of Entry of Judgment" that is dated, until then, both individuals can legally remarry the day after the date listed on the Notice.

Difference Between Dissolution And Finalization

While each state is different, most have a mandatory time period between the filing of the divorce petition and the Entry of Judgment. In some states, it is six months; some states are longer, some states are shorter. This is also known as the "cooling off" period and is put into place to save time and money should the couple decide that they do not wish to continue on with the divorce. During this time, both of the parties involved are still married to one another and cannot legally marry another individual. The divorce is not final until the date marked on the Notice of Entry of Judgment.

What If I Dont Have A Notice Of Entry Of Judgment

If you have not received your Notice of Entry of Judgment, you will need to find out the status of your case. There are several ways to do this depending on where you filed. Some counties and states make their divorce records available online; in these cases you just need your case number to be able to look up the status of your filing. Other areas do not provide their information online, and you would need to call or visit the court clerk where you filed your divorce. You will need your case number so they can look up your status for you. Remember, if your divorce is still within that "cooling off" period, you cannot legally remarry yet.

While some people may believe it is tacky or distasteful to remarry quickly after a divorce, most state laws have no problem with divorced individuals remarrying immediately after they are divorced, as long as the divorce is legally finalized. It is only when people remarry before they receive their Notice of Entry of Judgment that there could be problems.