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What Fathers Need to Know About Divorce Law

What Fathers Need to Know About Divorce Law

In the past, it was almost guaranteed that the mother would be the custodial parent in a divorce case. Fathers were typically only granted primary child custody in cases with extreme facts against the mother. Mothers were rarely ordered to pay child support to fathers, and many children suffered because the role of father was not seen as being equal to the role of mother. Fathers who wanted to be an important part of their children's lives were unable to do so because of unfavorable court rulings.

How Divorce Affects Fathers Today

With the increase in popularity and availability of no-fault divorce, courts are looking more at the equities of the situation and what is in the best interest of the children. Today, it is not uncommon for fathers to be the primary or sole custodian of their children. Courts and divorcing couples are more focused on successful co-parenting, and judges understand the critically important role of fathers. Nevertheless, some of the old biases against divorcing fathers remain. Your success in obtaining a favorable divorce settlement depends on you finding the right divorce attorney who will advocate strongly in your favor.

How A Father Can Choose The Right Divorce Lawyer:

  • Look for a lawyer who is sensitive to your needs and concerns.
  • Always hire an experienced and knowledgeable divorce attorney.
  • Choose a lawyer who is familiar with the divorce, child support, and child custody laws in your jurisdiction.
  • Request a free consultation to ask your potential attorney what his or her plan is for your case.
  • Select an attorney with a practice focused on family law, including divorce.

Fathers' Rights in Divorce Cases

Fathers today are becoming more proactive about their legal rights. It is not uncommon to see a father request a paternity test, child support, or primary custody of his children. Fathers have equal rights with mothers under the law, and many fathers are exercising those rights. Divorcing fathers often find it beneficial to hire and attorney who focuses on fathers' rights. Most divorce attorneys offer free initial consultations, enabling fathers to interview several attorneys and find someone who will work hard to do what is in the best interest of the children. Contact a divorce attorney today to find out how he or she can help protect your rights.