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Steps To Take If Facing Assault Charges

Steps To Take If Facing Assault Charges

You have been arrested and now face assault charges and possibly becoming a convicted felon. You're angry and feel you should not have been arrested. The police seem sympathetic and just want you to answer some questions and you can go home. What do you do?

Like any criminal charge, you do have certain rights, and you should take care to make sure you don't get yourself in deeper trouble. Here are some steps you can take to protect yourself if facing assault charges.

Don't Talk

Everyone knows this, but the majority of people arrested give statements or answer questions anyway. The police often promise leniency, immediate release or outright dismissal of the charges, or they claim they already have incriminating evidence so you might as well talk.

Do not talk, and immediately ask to speak to an attorney. The police must cease all questioning at this point, but they can come back an hour later and ask you again with all the same promises.

Further, do not talk to other inmates or to your friends or parents on the phone about your case. Conversations are recorded, and the inmate might be a police agent or someone who will trade information to the police in return for lenient treatment for them.

Call An Attorney Immediately

It doesn't cost anything to talk to an attorney, and he or she can make bail arrangements for you if no one else is already doing so.

Do Not Contact The Assault Victim

If you had a fight with your girlfriend or boyfriend or anyone else, do not contact that person. It could result in additional charges against you and increase your bail. You may also be violating a restraining order and end up in jail.

Retain An Attorney

Criminal defense lawyers are expensive, but so is spending months in jail, losing your job and jeopardizing your future. If you are out of work or have few resources, you may qualify for a public defender, or have the county pay for a portion of your legal expenses.

These are simple but vital steps if facing assault charges. Doing these can increase your chances of a favorable outcome.