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Should I Hire An Attorney Before Criminal Charges Are Formally Filed

Should I Hire An Attorney Before Criminal Charges Are Formally Filed

If you know that you may be arrested, you should hire and notify a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible before the arrest. This way, when you get your phone call, you can call your lawyer to set up a meeting to discuss your trial defense. Your lawyer may also be able to provide advice and file motions to keep your potential arrest at bay.

How a Criminal Arrest Works

Most of the time, police officers will investigate you for at least a day before they handcuff you and take you to the station. You should take the time to hire a criminal defense attorney if:

  • A civilian accuses you of a crime
  • You've been informed that you are a "person of interest"
  • Are currently under investigation or have been questioned by the police

However, with some criminal arrests, police officers don't give you time to look for, meet with and hire a criminal defense lawyer prior to your arrest. Your first connection with the cops may be during your arrest. You may even be arrested in the act.

If you plan to engage in activity that may lead to your arrest, whether or not you are aware of the lawful or unlawful nature of that activity, you should hire and get the phone number of a criminal defense lawyer.

Why Hire An Attorney This Early

If you manage to get your attorney before you are arrested, he may be able to force a pre-file investigation. This will require the police officers to build a stronger case against you before they are legally able to file formal charges. Your lawyer can also protect you from police attempts to get you to make incriminating statements. He may also be able to provide exculpatory evidence - a legal alibi, in other words - to drop the case before it is filed. Lawyers' opinions have more weight when it comes to questioning the legality of any supposed evidence in police possession.

Even if this level of involvement is insufficient or unavailable, in the event of your arrest, your lawyer will be able to hit the ground running when planning your case. If you are in any danger whatsoever of being charged with criminal activity, don't leave anything to chance! Remember that the assistance of an attorney is your Constitutional right. Consider hiring a criminal defense attorney today.