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Technology That Keeps Your From Texting And Driving

Technology That Keeps Your From Texting And Driving

Technology does exist to keep you or your family from texting while driving. According to a recent study by the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, 89 percent of teen drivers reported seeing other teens using cell phones while driving. The report also concluded that while teens understand the dangers of drinking and driving, the dangers of driving while distracted are not understood. But other than lecturing your teenagers about the danger, how can you safeguard them while they're driving and that text message from their best friend comes buzzing in? Do you really expect most teenagers to have the discipline to ignore the message?

A company called ZoomSafer may have the answer. They market a cell phone application called TeenSafer, which restricts cell phone usage while your teen is driving. The app senses when the car is turned on and automatically locks the cell phone, preventing its use to make calls or send text messages or e-mails. At the same time, it responds to sends a message to all callers that your son or daughter is presently driving and that he or she will call them back later. The application also stores all messages so that your teenager can read and respond to them after they turn off the vehicle.

According to the manufacturer's website, the application can be programmed to accept or allow emergency calls from or to three preselected priority contacts. It also advises parents when their teen begins and stops driving. TeenSafer costs $25 per year or $2.99 monthly, and a free seven-day trail is provided.

If you like this idea and have some questions about your own willpower to stay off the phone while driving, fear not: There are applications for you as well. The MobileSafer application works on the same principles yet allows hands-free calls. FleetSafer provides employers with the same safeguards for employees using company vehicles. Applications are provided for both cell phones and for direct connection to company vehicles. Other companies providing a similar service are Aegis Mobility and Cellcontrol. So if you have doubts about your children's, your employees', or your own ability to ignore the cell phone while driving, technology can be your ally.